Our Publications: Techniques for Multi-Agent System Security
Title:      Techniques for Multi-Agent System Security
Categories:      2021 Publications
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Authors:      Olumide Simeon Ogunnusi, Obasan Adebola Olukayode and Michael Kolade Adu
ISSN:      2705-2842
Publisher:      CRID MULTIDISCIPLINARY JOURNAL. A Publication of Centre for Research, Innovation and Development, The Federal Polytechnic, Ado-Ekiti, Nigeria.
Publication date:      2021
Edition:      1st
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Security issues associated with mobile agents and host resources have raised serious obstacles in practical applications of multi-agent system paradigm which is a vital component of mobile computing applications. These security considerations have hindered its scope of relevance in the industry. Mobile computing is a hot area of research and a good mnnber of researchers have made remarkable efforts at overcoming the security threats linked to multi-agent systems. The scope of this study, therefore, is limited to the smvey and analysis of the existing security techniques for multi-agent systems. It studies the available security solutions by researchers for multi-agent systems and analyse them based on performance, requirements, complexity and their support for agent mobility.

Keywords: Security, security threats, cmmtermeasures, authentication, authorisation, agent mobility.