Our Publications: Enhancement of Finger Vein Image Using Multifiltering Algorithm
Title:      Enhancement of Finger Vein Image Using Multifiltering Algorithm
Categories:      2020 Publications
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Authors:      Kayode A. Akintoye, Mohd Shafry Mohd Rahim and Abdul Hanan Abdullah
ISSN:      2705-2842
Publisher:      CRID MULTIDISCIPLINARY JOURNAL. A Publication of Centre for Research, Innovation and Development, The Federal Polytechnic, Ado-Ekiti, Nigeria.
Publication date:      2021
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Finger vein images are prone to various noise due to imperfect capturing device used. As a result of transmission errors, pixel elements in the capturing sensors malfunction, memory location fault and analog-to-digital conversion time errors, noise could also occur. Using single filtering method cannot give a satisfactory result of the vein image. Hence, this paper proposed a multifilter algorithm that’s capable of locating the region of interest of the vein and de-noise the image from corrupted noises while the edges of the image are kept intact. The algorithm does not need to have prior knowledge of the image and the corrupted noise. The fusion of simple mask filter algorithm and mixed filter algorithm of Median and Wiener filters is used. Experimental results coded in MATLAB using SDUMLA-HMT finger vein database show that the proposed algorithm is feasible and efficient.

Keywords: vein pattern, vein enhancement, finger vein, median filter, wiener filter.