Our Publications: Mitigating Cybercrime and Online Social Networks Threats in Nigeria
Title:      Mitigating Cybercrime and Online Social Networks Threats in Nigeria
Categories:      2020 Publications
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Authors:      Adu Michael K, Alese Boniface K and Adewale Olumide S.
ISSN:      2705-2842
Publisher:      CRID MULTIDISCIPLINARY JOURNAL. A Publication of Centre for Research, Innovation and Development, The Federal Polytechnic, Ado-Ekiti, Nigeria.
Publication date:      2021
Edition:      1st
Number of pages:      5
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Many internet and Online Social Networks (OSN) users in Nigeria are victims of criminal activities perpetrated by those who take advantage of anonymity of their identities to harm users both in the virtual and in the real world on daily basis. Numerous security risks that exist in these networks include privacy violations, identity theft, and sexual harassment among others. A review of some of the different security and privacy risks which threaten the wellbeing of online social networks users including children is presented. This paper proposes a design that authenticate and uniquely identify every internet user most especially those on social networks. This paper further elicits inability to identify perpetrators as one of the reasons for the growing menace. A system that enables internet users’ activities to be monitored in order to curb threats to online social networks in Nigeria is offered. It requires redefining the operations of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) that provide access for users on the internet and the National Communication Commission (NCC), a government body that oversees the information and communication system in Nigeria. A central database (cloud) is proposed to be hosted by the National Communication Commission with users’ “activity log” feature. Users can send a request on any suspecting associate (pal) on social networks to get confirmation on genuine identity of the individual.

Index Terms: Activity log, Anonymity, Cloud, Online Social Networks, Security and Privacy Risks